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With advancements in technology, areas such as manufacturing, quality control, packaging and others have become more automated and efficient. In fact, your supply chain, on the whole, features a higher percentage of digitization today than a few years ago. The use of connected logistics and other technological concepts in your supply chain leaves your business more vulnerable to data security attacks than before.

In 2020, Accenture had reported that 40% of cyber-attacks targeted extended and interconnected supply chains across industries.

Hackers generally seek to cause outages and network disruptions after getting into your supply chain data networks.


Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)

DDoS attacks involve hackers flooding your data network with corrupted web traffic to debilitate your servers and making them go offline. DDoS attacks can be used to restrict your own workers and network administrators from accessing your website, your business-critical social media marketing tools, cloud connectivity, and your IoT devices. More problematically, DDoS prevents your consumers or any external stakeholder from visiting your website too, which can have a massive impact on your sales and revenue.

The preventive strategy of DDoS attacks includes training your staff regarding new types of DDoS attacks on detection and creating your annual business strategies with cybersecurity as a central — and not peripheral — concept. Most importantly, you must set boundaries for your IoT devices to limit their involvement in areas that are sensitive and vulnerable for your business. Using offline systems for sensitive documents and work operations is advisable.



Hackers use encrypted code to create dangerous viruses that lock up your online supply chain operations and hold them for ransom. Once you fall prey to such an attack, you will have to pay up extortionate amounts of money to access your own digital tools and systems. Ransomware negatively impacts your financial budget and databases in equal measure. To deal with it, you need to have a well-defined IT infrastructure with an evolving data recovery plan. Multiple online and offline backups of sensitive documents will lessen the blow of such attacks. Employee access needs to be managed on an as-needed basis to prevent your workers from launching such attacks from within.


Gajshield’s award-winning data security tools provide network protection for your business intelligently. Our products can secure your supply chain devices and data to prevent such cyber-attacks. Please contact us to know more about our range of data security systems and their prices.




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