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Increase Security and Performance to Detect Fast Moving Exploits Like Spams and Virus.

Businesses are increasingly relying on data and data-driven technologies, their business-critical data is being generated from a variety of different sources and being shared with a wide range of different enterprise stakeholders. However, its misuse causes detrimental effects. The digital era has opened various concerns such as data theft, data leak, data breach, business email compromise, ransomware, malware, email phishing, scams, and other attacks to name a few.

The Cyber Threat landscape has overhauled in the last few years with the understanding of how cybersecurity has evolved to fight against it. In the recent few years, cyber attackers have become more cautious and are well aware of security measures and techniques used by cybersecurity experts to fight against them.

Attackers have become smarter and no longer use the traditional malware writing approach. These threats are developed in a way that some traditional security measures can no longer detect them while they enter a network, disguised as good traffic. Thus, a newer approach that inspects traffic using more than just the file and web traffic signature is needed to intelligently identify and takes necessary actions against it, securing the network.

Using just the traditional firewalls will not help overcome zero-day threats and safeguard the organizations. Using Data Security Firewall with contextual intelligence engine, one can gain deeper visibility into the network and gain complete control over it.

The Data Security Firewall understands your data and takes the necessary actions to prevent them from being exploited. It uses Advanced Pro-Active Security measures to safeguard the organization’s network from external attacks and keeps away data breach attempts right at the gateway.


GajShield Data Security Firewall Appliances sits and the Gateway level and acts as the first layer of defence for network security. GajShield Firewall leverages the Visibility – Control – Protection approach, an approach that uses basic cybersecurity initiatives to protect from latest cyber threats on a real-time basis and improves security intelligence by collecting various threat data to be future-ready.

Visibility is the key to Cyber Security. Using contextual intelligence Engine for Data Layer application, better and deeper than Layer 7(Application) visibility to identify exactly which application, threat vector and the user makes the network vulnerable and increases visibility. Visibility of the network allows organizations to be well aware of complete network activity. The Contextual Intelligence Engine captures various data points of network activities on Various Applications to bring maximum visibility combined by Our latest Firmware GajOS: Bulwark. with its deep and granular reporting tool.  

The Bulwark act as the one-stop place for granular reporting and policy implementation and security and performance. with GajOS Bulwark 4.0, taking actions to control network activity is simpler due to its simplified policy implementation capabilities. A controlled network environment helps in maintaining unauthorized network activity reducing the risk of cyber threat. This also allows controlling of critical data flow out of the network at the Gateway level using a combination of Contextual Intelligence Engine and Data Leak Prevention Solution.

Data points analyzed by Contextual Intelligence Engine and policies implemented using Bulwark is combined with GajShield’s Threat lab to identify anomaly and keep bad actors away from the network. At GajShield’s Threat Lab a database of real-time threat outbreaks is collected and compiled and maintained, through consultation with global Internet Service Providers. Patterns are analyzed, categorized, and cross-matched using algorithms, run to optimize the detection of repeating patterns and their sources. This database, containing approximately six million signatures, is continuously updated every hour.

Using best of breed technology GajShield appliance identify and detection fast-moving exploits like Ransomware, Malware, Spams, Viruses etc. It allows to create users based policies across Firewall, IPS, URL Filtering (Proxy with Caching and Inline), Data Leak Prevention, ISP Failover and Bandwidth Management, P2P & IM control whereby giving granular and complete control of the Security implementation.

GajShield Threat Lab:

Proactive virus detection, Robust and inherent immune system that integrates Zero-Hour (Zero-Day) Virus Outbreak Protection to shield enterprises in the earliest moments of malware outbreaks, and right through as new variants emerge. By proactively scanning the Internet and identifying massive virus outbreaks as soon as they emerge, proactive virus blocking is effective and signature independent. At the Threat Lab, a database of real-time spam outbreaks is collected and compiled and maintained, through consultation with global Internet Service Providers. Patterns are analyzed, categorized, and cross-matched using algorithms, run to optimize the detection of repeating patterns and their sources. This database, containing approximately over six million signatures, is continuously updated with more than 30,000 new unique signatures added hourly.

Features of GajShield Security:

  • In-depth Visibility on the applications used by users and not just the ports or protocols. Identify rogue applications and block them using application filtering policies.
  • Monitor and Control Data Leak through Web uploads, Instant Messaging and Email protecting important and confidential data. Allows to create policies based on users, groups and provides in-depth visibility using its innovative context-based data leak prevention.
  • Identify which user is sending what data, including attachments in Instant Messaging, Web Uploads, Social Networking sites, HTTPS, Email etc. Complete Archiving gives visibility and policy definition increases security.
  • Gajshield can monitor & restrict Traffic generated from LAN & Wireless (WLAN) devices at gateway level and enforce policies with the help of UserSence & 2FA (Email & SMS)
  • Prevents Ransomware, Malware, Spams, phishing, pharming attack in Real-time. Zero Hour Virus Outbreak prevention identifies new outbreak instantaneously and protects the network. Zero Hour Anti Virus block zero-day viruses much before signature-based virus engines do.
  • Detects and blocks spyware, malware, and application vulnerability exploits.
  • Detection and Control of evasive and Port hopping applications like IM, P2P and Open Proxies.
  • UserSense allows setting granular policies based on users rather than IP address across Firewall, IPS, URL Filtering, Antispam, Antivirus, Data Leak Prevention, ISP Failover & Load Balancing.
  • Supports multiple ports/protocols & services (200+)
  • Supports Open Standard security group tags and name. 
  • Provides Web-based Proxy with URL Filtering and caching. Can work simultaneously in both transparent and proxy mode.
  • Best in class Application Filtering with 85+ categories and custom category filtering capabilities.



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