Multi-Wan Management

Control & Distribute Traffic Across Multiple Internet Links

Internet connectivity is at the heart of your business. Many businesses have multiple Internet connectivity (multi wan). Enterprises rely on the Internet to run their mission-critical business applications which drive their productivity and profits. It is expected that Internet connectivity to be highly reliable and always available. If the physical connection or the ISP goes down, organisations vital link to the Internet also goes down which affects business.
Revenue, customer satisfaction, partner relationships and employee productivity, all are at stake when internet link goes down. Internet outages impact an organisations email, websites, applications or VPN traffic. 

GajShield’s ISP Failover & Load Balancing allows enterprises to control and distribute traffic across multiple internet links. 

GajShield policy-based Failover & Load Balancing enables enterprises to distribute important applications over more robust internet links and less important applications over broadband connections as well as provide redundancy in case one more internet links are down.

Multi-Wan - ISP Link Redundancy – Failover

GajShield Multi wan or ISP Failover manages the traffic while providing valuable failover capabilities. That way if an internet link fails, GajShield senses the disturbance and redirects traffic to one of the working internet links. 

GajShield checks the health of the available internet connections, continuously checks the status of all the internet links, detecting failures in real-time and automatically redirects the traffic to the operational internet links to guarantee full availability. 

Customer can choose a granular option to define the primary internet link and multiple secondary internet links for each different service. For example for email the primary link could be ISP1, the secondary could be ISP2 and third link could be ISP3, while for FTP the primary could be ISP2, the secondary could ISP3 and third, could be ISP1.


Multi-Wan - ISP Load Balancing  

GajShield Multi wan or ISP Load Balancing weighted round-robin method and hence it distributes the traffic across multiple internet links and provides the flexibility of utilizing the total bandwidth of all the internet links preventing bandwidth bottlenecks while minimizing the cost of inefficient bandwidth utilization. At the same time, GajShield detects any failure of the internet link and dynamically load balances the traffic over the available or Live internet link.


Integrated reporting and Alerts

GajShield reporting provides current, daily, monthly and yearly reports and trend analysis of ISP utilization, what applications are being used through the ISP’s and which user is using the ISP. Enterprises can determine misuse or abuse of internet links by applications and users to effectively utilize the internet links available and to make informed decisions related to bandwidth purchase and management. GajShield Alerting mechanism sends email alerts to administrators keeping them informed on the link outages facilitating rapid troubleshooting.

Features of GajShield Multi-Wan Management:

• Service-based ISP load balancing or failover.
• Both Failover and Load Balancing can be set up simultaneously.
• Load balances traffic based on weighted round-robin distribution.
• ISP Failover automatically shifts traffic from a failed link to a working link.
• Automatic traffic tailback when failed ISP comes. up
• Zone-based failover.
• Customized NAT on failover.
• ISP failover and tailback notifications on email.




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