Gajshield Infotech Wins

The Best Cloud Security Vendor Award

at the Virtual CISO50 and Future Security Awards



Best Cloud Security Vendor Award at the Virtual CISO50

Future Security Awards 2020
Gajshield Infotech, a leading, Mumbai-based data security solutions provider, has won the prestigious award for the Best Cloud Security Vendor at the Virtual CISO50 and Future Security Awards 2020, which was held as an online event on 24th November 2020. Virtual CISO50 and Future Security Awards is an international platform for recognising individuals, businesses, and vendors that have successfully navigated today’s challenges and thrived through digital technologies and delivered unprecedented value through innovative application of security technologies. The awards acclaim the best security minds and projects whose technologies, products or solutions are considered to have significant potential in meeting the needs of the new normal of today’s businesses. The need to have robust and agile data security solutions for all types and sizes of businesses has become the need of the hour because the number of sophisticated cyber-threats and malware attacks has been increasing exponentially, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. These threats pose significant challenges all kinds of industries and data leaks are at the centre of digital attacks. For the past 17 years, Gajshield Infotech has been catering to the needs of robust firewalls across the globe, with over 10,000+ firewalls distributed across different geographical regions in India, Europe, United States, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and South East Asian countries. Their approach of looking beyond traditional security solutions and focusing on Data First security strategy is a leap forward in the security solution industry that is helping enterprises to secure cloud and SaaS applications by implementing a Data Security Firewall solution.
"As numerous businesses are embracing digital transformation for better business continuity and customer experience during these trying times because of the pandemic, cybersecurity threats are posing a significant challenge for the success of these businesses. We have been working relentlessly in the field of data security and have pioneered several innovative solutions to combat the issue. We are humbled to have been honoured with the Best Cloud Security Vendor Award at the Virtual CISO50 and Future Security Awards 2020, which has showcased our technological capabilities and acknowledged our efforts in making business interactions safe. I dedicate this award to everyone at Gajshield who has worked hard in making this international recognition possible. It is indeed a proud moment for us.”