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always felt I missed the joy of 'Segmentation faults' while running my 'C' programs. The memory corruptions, overflows always had a romantic appeal. Current day programming languages have become too mechanical and do not have the emotional touch that 'C' provided. No reason, I used to talk to it while coding. Our code were well commented and looked beautiful. Our thoughts and feelings were expressed through it.

Even in this 21st Century, 'C' is still relevant. It is becoming younger with days. For performance, we always use 'C'. It performs well with limited memory availability of memory in embedded devices. You can argue that because of bad memory allocation and pointers are culprit to many vulnerabilities found in many applications. I would say, that it all boils down to how important you feel security is, which will reflect in your code.

I respect programmers who are able to code well in 'C'. Not only would they understand the concepts of programming, but understand systems better. I always found good programmers of Perl or PHP, weak in system programming. I may be wrong or probably my bias towards 'C' makes me feel so. Newer languages will ome and go, but my love for 'C' will always remain.


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