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Almost every website application uses a machine language called Structured Query Language or SQL to interact with the database. Cybercriminals use these input fields to run random queries (called injection) in the website application’s server to hack into the database. SQL injection is a type of cyber-attack used to insert malicious code into a website's database by exploiting vulnerabilities in the SQL used to access the database. The injected code can be used to manipulate the database, steal sensitive data or gain unauthorized access to the website.

Organizations need to be on a constant lookout for an SQL injection trying to gain illegal access to their confidential information.



Prevention of SQL Injection

Several steps can be taken to prevent SQL injection attacks.

1.     Using Firewall

A firewall can help to protect against SQL injection attacks by blocking unauthorized access to the database. A firewall analyzes the incoming network traffic and determines whether it should be allowed based on predetermined rules. These rules can be configured to block traffic from known malicious sources or traffic that exhibits certain characteristics that may indicate an attempt to exploit a vulnerability, such as an SQL injection attack.

2.     Using Intrusion Detection System

An intrusion detection system can monitor network traffic for signs of SQL injection attacks and alert administrators if one is detected.

3.     Keeping Database and Software Up to Date

It is important to keep the database and any software used to access the database up to date with the latest security patches to help prevent SQL injection attacks.

If a hacker can successfully inject the SQL, they will get unauthorized access to the database and use it to their advantage. With cybercriminals' attacks getting more sophisticated each day, preventing cyberattacks such as SQL injection is crucial for data security. Organizations need to take stringent measures to evade any threats or attacks.

GajShield offers its users a well-rounded cybersecurity service. Our solutions include URL filtering, firewall, application filtering, and more, to protect our clients from any cyber threat. Contact us to learn more about our various robust solutions.




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