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As more sophisticated cyber threats emerge in the digital space, it is imperative for companies to upgrade their system and data security. Threat hunting is an advanced approach to proactively searching for active or dormant cyber threats breaching the security of computer systems. Threat hunting replaces passive cyber security strategies such as threat detection and alert and actively scours the computer networks for any cyber threats.

Cyber threat hunting eliminates advanced external threats or inconspicuous internal threats prevailing for months that can compromise sensitive information. To combat such threats, a systematic threat hunting process is executed by companies.



Threat hypothesis

Using threat intelligence and field expertise, threat hunters ideate the path toward threat detection. They create a hypothesis of the attacker’s techniques to effectively detect and further counter them.


Data collection

Tracking data through intelligence becomes crucial in the process of gaining insight into the systems and the threats around them.



Any detection of anomalous data hinting towards cyber security threats can then be investigated at deeper and more advanced levels.



The identified threat is then eliminated from the organization’s networks, clouds, and endpoints.

With the emergence of more advanced technologies and the creation of a more immersive world, cyber security threats are more advanced as well. Companies should proactively work on identifying these cyber threats and delegate their system and data security to threat hunting strategies.

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