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With 5G gaining momentum in multiple parts of the world, the speed, capacity, and transmission of data are set to reach an all-time high. However, this digital transformation ushers the loophole of cybersecurity. This technology will expand the attack surface through the web due to the vast connectivity of devices and applications compared to the previous generation. To eliminate these gaps and ensure data security, zero trust is introduced. Zero trust security model, also known as perimeter, less security in 5G, an authentication of identities and integrity of every entity, regardless of location or familiarity.



Why use zero trust architecture for 5G?

Conventional approaches to data security hardly possess the means to protect ICT resources in the era of 5G. Employing zero security in 5G will enable the:

  • Utilization of micro-segmentation to allow seamless protection of 5G networks
  • Implementation of more targeted policies by businesses for access control
  • Prevention of exfiltration and lateral movement of attacks through an expanded security sphere
  • Resistance toward disruption of the network
  • Improvement in data privacy with reduced compromission due to security breaches
  • Detection and monitoring of interactions between networks

Zero Trust security will trust no user in the IT/ICT systems and will verify anyone, including the ones having a connection with corporate network and enterprise settings. Employing zero security with the increasing cybersecurity risk will enable more end-to-end security in the 5G-driven world.

GajShield encompasses comprehensive security strategies, including data leak prevention, advanced threat protection, contextual intelligence engine and more for businesses in the advancing digital world. Reach out to us for more information about our data security services.




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