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Packet sniffing is a practice of collecting, monitoring, and transmitting data or packets from various sources across the internet. Organizations or individuals’ activities are constantly analyzed by advertisers, government institutions, network admins and ISPs for a broad range of purposes. However, these packets contain sensitive company information, which can be utilized by unethical hackers, also called packet sniffers, for malicious purposes. To evade this, organizations and individuals should reinstate crucial data security practices discussed below.




Encrypting data

Data encryption is a successful data security practice, assisting companies in preventing data exploitation. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows company data to pass through an encrypted tunnel securely. This tunnel breaks the data into ‘bits or smaller segments and does not permit sniffers to access any information.


Installing antivirus

Installing antivirus in devices enables companies to prevent viruses, botnets, worms, and other malware that can destroy the device and redirect sensitive information to other unauthorized devices. Antiviruses also prevent packet sniffers from reaching the targeted computers.


Employing sniffer detection tools 

Sniffer detection tools provide an excellent detection and alerting system that monitors the company servers for active and passive sniffing attacks. If there is any evidence of sniffers on the server, they alert the systems administrator and kick out the hacker.

Packet sniffing is a serious threat to most companies as unethical hackers sabotage or use sensitive information, such as bank accounts, confidential data, SQL codes and more. Companies should ensure data security by encrypting and protecting their data to prevent packet sniffing.

GajShield provides robust cybersecurity solutions, such as secured guest management, threat surface management, virtual fireballs, application filtering and more, to elevate data security for companies across various industries. Contact us for more information about our cybersecurity solutions.




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