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Cyber squatting, or domain squatting, is a specific cyber crime involving the imitation of domain names. These names are unauthorized creations that resemble other organizations or individuals’ domains with the intention to profit off their reputation or redirect the traffic to their own fraudulent domain. Domain registrants also practice cyber squatting in bad faith to taint the good name and reputation of well-known organizations or to monetize from these companies.



How to prevent cyber squatting?

Organizations can leverage several strategies that impede the threat of cyber squatting for their domain. The most prominent ones are discussed below.


Registering trademarks and domain addresses immediately

Once the company begins gaining traction in the online sphere, it is imperative to register the domain addresses. Registering the trademark helps the court recognize the legitimate owner of the domain in front of the law, compelling the other party to surrender the imitating domain.


Buying domains with prominent TLDs

Companies should identify the domains that are similar to their organization’s domain and invest in acquiring those, so they evade the hands of cybers quatters. Consider buying some prominent Top-Level Domains (TLDs), such as .com, .net, .in, .org and more, along with buying domain names that resemble the brand's name. Moreover, companies wanting to evolve as an international brand must also buy country-specific domains such as, .ca, .au and so on.


Monitoring the domain expiring date

Cybers quatters often target expired domain names or the ones companies have forgotten to renew. This gives cybers quatters an opportunity to exploit the company name for their own benefit. Organizations should monitor their domain expiry date and set reminders to retain their domain name.

Cyber squatting is a significant threat to organizations, which can prove detrimental to not only their reputation but also their capital. This can be attributed to cybers quatters demanding a sizable amount of money in exchange for the domain name. Being vigilant in employing preventive measures will help organizations circumvent the possibility of cyber squatting.

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