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SIEM, short for Security Information and Event Management, is a technology that helps companies to detect, analyze and take the necessary steps toward data security threats before they affect business operations. SIEM is seen as an integral part of any well-rounded cybersecurity operations. It helps to gather data from numerous log sources and analyzes the data based on the rules enforced by IT professionals. When integrated accurately, it will allow businesses to make quick decisions. However, if not optimized correctly, it will harm the business, making it susceptible to threats.




How to Optimize SIEM

To leverage the benefits of SIEM, the need to optimize it accurately is essential.


1.     Ensuring Complete Understanding

SIEM system operates the way cybersecurity professionals have set it. Before all the systems are connected, the professionals should clearly understand the company's security needs. This will allow SIEM to be set up correctly and provide accurate measures.


2.     Collecting the Correct Data

Not all data is relevant to the cybersecurity needs of a firm. Clearly defining the rules that SIEM is to follow will gather and prioritize the data based on its relevance to the cybersecurity needs of the business.


3.     Making Use of External Sources

Employing threat management that provides a user with potential threats and indicators of compromise will help to ensure data security. Using external SIEM rules and understanding how the SIEM rule of an organization can bank on it will allow for it to be appropriately optimized.


4.     Organizing Data Based on Importance

Ranking data based on its importance will help the business to make a more nuanced decision while optimizing SIEM. It will also help to create stringent end-point security and allow the incident response team to act quicker.


SIEM can be a powerful tool for businesses to ensure their data security. Locating and assessing threats or attacks based on their complexity will allow the cybersecurity team to take the correct actions before the attack exploits the business, as it will provide accurate results. However, companies must ensure that it is optimized correctly, or they will harm their operations.


GajShield’s proactive security and comprehensive threat security management will allow businesses to create robust cybersecurity solutions and mitigate any vulnerabilities that can harm their operations. Contact us to learn more about our advanced cybersecurity and data security products and solutions.




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