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5G is the new version of the current wireless network offering high-speed, lower latency than previous versions, and enhancement of IoT connectivity. On paper, 5G is assumed to provide comparatively better security and connectivity. However, the safety and reliability of 5G’s implementation greatly depend upon how proactively organizations will take measures to secure and manage the 5G network deployed by them.






Mitigating 5G Cybersecurity Threats

With the implementation of 5G becoming widespread, organizations deploying it should be aware of the threats to their data security and take corrective measures.


1.     Ensuring Endpoint Protection

With IoT connectivity promised to improve due to the implementation of 5G, organizations and individuals are likely to face certain threats. Deployment of IoT can be riddled with vulnerability, making it the perfect time for attackers to hack into it. Organizations should ensure stringent endpoint protection to prevent malicious attacks and increase data security.


2.     Managing Attack Surface

With the rise of 5G, there will be a significant rise in the adoption of devices due to the high speed and lower latency offered. However, with the increased use, the threat surface will also increase, providing cybercriminals a broader range to hack into. Organizations must ensure that their threat surface is managed and secured actively to prevent any data leak.


3.     Screening Vendors

It is imperative that an organization thoroughly researches and screens its suppliers, as the possibility of them increasing the threat surface is massive. Vulnerability and penetration testing can be conducted periodically to ensure data security.


The deployment of 5G will lead to the revolutionization of IoT, enhancing our way of living. Organizations need to be vigilant about their security measures to take complete advantage of the new version of wireless technology.


GajShield’s nuanced cybersecurity solutions, such as virtual firewalls, threat surface management, end-to-end security, and much more, proactively work to provide an optimum level of data security. Contact us to learn more about our robust cybersecurity solutions.




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