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Traditionally in a single-factor authentication, a user is required to only put in their password to gain access to systems or networks. This makes it easy for a cybercriminal to extract information by hacking. With cybercriminals getting more advanced and cyber threats increasing, organizations should integrate multi-factor authentication (MFA) for their data security.




What Attacks Can MFA Evade?

There are numerous attacks a system is privy to. To ensure data security, MFA is employed to evade the following attacks -


1.     Phishing Attacks

MFA can help protect against cyber attacks in which the attackers try to deceive users into logging in with their credentials. A phishing email, for instance, won’t get access to a user’s information just by being privy to one of the various factors needed to enter the system. MFA will, therefore, ensure the data security of the system and the user.


2.     Credential Stuffing Attacks

In credential stuffing, hackers try a list of stolen credentials, i.e., usernames and passwords, simultaneously and automatically on various sites. MFA in these attacks is effective because passwords are not enough information for the attackers to extract information by gaining unauthorized access to a system. This ensures data security.


3.     Keylogging Attacks

Keylogger or keylogging is a type of spyware that tracks the activities of a keyboard and identifies passwords typed into systems. MFA will enable data security as the multiple authentications required can be done through different devices, and a keylogger would need access to the same for extracting information.


Multi-factor authentication doesn't provide complete and impenetrable security against cyber attacks. Although, it can be employed to reduce the functionality of stolen passwords and secure high-value accounts, emails, and systems. MFA can ensure the data security of systems by adding extra layers of protection to mitigate threats and attacks.


GajShield's advanced solutions, such as email security, advanced threat protection, data leak prevention, and many more, strive to provide high-level data security for your organization. Contact us to learn more about our robust cybersecurity solutions.




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