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Email remains the primary method for cybercriminals to attack businesses. A recent Proofpoint study found that 83% of organisations experienced successful email-based phishing attacks in 2021. An additional six billion phishing attacks are predicted to occur in 2022. With such alarming statistics surrounding email-based threats, it is imperative that your organisation implements the following email and data security strategies.




1.     Improve Password Management

Phishing attacks usually target employee passwords because their accounts may hold information on company data, financial information, or customer data. This makes strong password management one of the most important email security practices. Organisations can implement business password management tools to help security admins understand which employees are using weak passwords and assist employees in setting secure passwords.


2.     Invest in Employee Data Security Training

Empowering your employees through training and awareness sessions can boost the overall data security of your organisation. Training sessions on identifying phishing attacks, setting strong passwords, handling sensitive data, and many more such topics can keep your employees updated on data security attack scenarios and protect themselves against such attacks.


3.     Install Antivirus and Endpoint Protection

Installing endpoint antivirus protection is a crucial step in protecting your devices against ransomware and malware delivered through email. Centralised enterprise endpoint protection solutions can scan and monitor email activities throughout your organisation and remove malware that is found on employees’ systems.


4.     Implement Email Authentication Protocols

DMARC and SPF are email authentication protocols that prevent email spoofing and guarantee the legitimacy of emails sent to your employees. Implementation of the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) restricts spammers from sending messages on behalf of your domain, while the Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC) allows email domain owners to reject or quarantine an email if it has not been properly authenticated.


GajShield can help you safeguard your organisation’s email systems and boost data security for your enterprise. Contact us to boost your email security and learn more about our data security solutions.




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