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The rise in remote work has led to an increased need for cyber security awareness as cyber threats have increased by 81% since the global pandemic. A TalentLMS survey found that 61% of employees failed a basic data security quiz, despite receiving cyber security training from their organisation. With the rapidly rising cyber threats, it is imperative to strengthen cyber security through employee training and awareness sessions. Here are some dos and don'ts for cyber security training for your employees.





Do's of Cyber Security Awareness Training


1.     Create hands-on cyber security training courses

Cyber security training sessions often lack hands-on training with effective examples. With too much jargon and theoretical information, employees are not able to understand the training modules and struggle to implement them in their daily work life. Breaking down complex terms into simple easy-to-absorb micro learnings and teaching data security principles through hands-on sessions can improve engagement and knowledge retention for employees. Also, you can run regular practice attacks like fire drills to help employees receive live training against data security attacks.


2.     Build company policies for cyber security

Setting data security policies can guide your employees in protecting against cyber-attacks. One such policy could be for better password management. Your company policy can set guidelines for setting strong passwords and using a password manager. Another policy could be around outlining email security rules like reporting suspicious links, understanding phishing emails, and many more data security habits.


Don'ts of Cyber Security Awareness Training


1.     Don't Blame Your Employees

Criticising your employees for not following data security practices and not possessing the right knowledge to prevent cyber-attacks is a way of avoiding the organisational responsibility of ensuring data security. Organisations have to set cyber security policies and infrastructure and get all employees involved in protecting company data through awareness sessions.


2.     Don't Conduct Only Once-A-Year Training Sessions

The approach of once-per-year data security training cannot help employees build lasting habits to protect themselves against cyber-attacks. A monthly security awareness training is an effective approach to make sure employees retain everything they learn during the training sessions. This approach also ensures that new hires are also trained and do not miss out on important information.


Following these dos and don'ts can ensure that your employees are engaged and aware of the company's cyber security policies. GajShield can help you improve your cyber security even further through our data security solutions. Contact us to know more.




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