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The pharma industry relies heavily on patents and intellectual property for creating and licensing new vaccines. Additionally, they possess patients’ real-time data and other sensitive information, making them a big target for cybercriminals. Patient records are some of the highest-selling items on the dark web as the beneficiaries are provided with a trove of data that is difficult to trace. Therefore, pharma companies need intelligent solutions for their data security.




3 Ways Pharma Companies Can Deal With Cyber Threats

Recently, with cyber-crimes getting more sophisticated, security can’t take a backseat, as these risks can cause detrimental effects to the entire organization. Hence, data security should be one of the priorities.


1.     Checking of Endpoint Protection

Endpoint systems have the potential to get breached. Organizations need to detect how their endpoint software can be streamlined and enhanced to make it more secure. Endpoint device software can often be overbuilt with various end-point software customers for the same tasks.


2.     Adopting Zero Trust Security

Pharma companies must deploy a zero-trust framework across every endpoint, system, and user access. This will enable them to authenticate and only provide the least privilege authorization to users. Implementing this will help to reduce the chances of a cyber breach and increase data security.


3.     Conducting Security Audits

Pharma companies must implement continuous and surprise security audits for all endpoints and systems. The data derived from these audits will help to detect and understand systemwide weaknesses that need improvement and their strengths. The long-term goal of pharma organizations is to design a single security model capable of adapting and changing according to the market conditions and evolving as per the seriousness of cyber threats.


Data of pharma companies is quite critical. If it gets leaked into the wrong hands, then the effect of it can be quite adverse and cause severe consequences. Organizations must implement complex and intricate security solutions to protect against cyber threats.


Gajshield can help prevent such threats with our latest data security technologies and personnel. Kindly contact us to know more about our data security solutions.




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