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In the corporate world, cyber-threats can take any novel shape or form. A prominent example of this is a geo-targeting phishing attack. In this attack, a cybercriminal tracks a network or device to the source's geographical location. This enables them to hack into the network and extract useful information and data through conventional phishing. They can figure out your business’s geographical location by simply enticing you to click on a malicious link via your email address. The most widely used malicious email targeting is by mass-spamming victims by impersonating tax agencies or postal companies. Therefore, businesses need to keep improving their data security at all times.




How to Prevent Geo-Targeting Phishing

Here’s what your organisation could do to stay ahead of cyber-attackers and these threats at all times.


Patching Security Applications Regularly

A security patch refers to the periodic upgrades made to software applications that are used for protecting company data. Patching helps protect a firm from cyber-attacks and strengthens data security.


Training and Educating Employees

A significant part of an organisation’s threats can be internal. Therefore, it is vital that the data security management teaches their staff the necessary steps that they should take to ensure their organization’s data security. Everyone need to be aware of all cyber-attacks, especially ones related to email phishing, as it is one of the most common attacks and can provide cybercriminals a ready geo-target.


By regularly updating and enhancing security systems, organizations can ensure that their data is safeguarded from ever-evolving threats and vulnerabilities. Geo-targeting is one such continuously evolving threat.


Organisations can rely on cybersecurity experts Gajshield to help them avoid or mitigate the damage caused by geo-targeted phishing threats. Gajshield’s latest technologies and extensive experience in this regard is invaluable for businesses in all sectors.


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