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Nearly all major organisations in the world rely heavily on digital marketing to lure audiences and keep their brand constantly visible in the public domain. Platforms such as social media sites, emails, eCommerce sites for micro-moment marketing, and others are extremely useful in modern marketing. However, the risk of data security threats is also present in digital marketing. Here are some of the threats, and how organisations can overcome them:




Phishing attacks generally accompany email marketing threads of companies. So, for example, a cybercriminal may access the automated email directory of a marketer and lace them with phishing links. Later, when the target reader of the marketer opens the mail, they may become the victim of a phishing attack. To deal with this, marketers can safeguard their systems with intelligent firewall systems and context-aware IAM tools to prevent unauthorised access to sensitive databases.


Data poisoning

Machine learning is a massive part of modern marketing. Most targeted ads and messages users receive are orchestrated through machine learning algorithms. However, malicious elements can access such algorithms during their development and change their functionality, causing potential data losses for users. To deal with this, companies can constantly monitor their algorithms while they develop and also use cybersecurity tools to safeguard the process from internal or external threats.


Digital marketers can rely on data security experts and the latest cybersecurity technologies to keep any kinds of threats at bay. Gajshield offers both these possibilities to businesses with our intelligent firewall systems and other solutions that transform your data security efforts.


You can contact us to delve deeper into our data security solutions for your digital marketing agency.



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