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As more sophistication emerges in cybercrime, cybercriminals have extensively used targeted ransomware to steal data from their targets. Targeted ransomware, also known as “big game hunting,” is when the cyber-attackers target specific organisations which have the necessary resources to pay a large amount of ransom by entangling the victims in customised techniques, tactics, and procedures. These players are highly creative, and can  go to great lengths to figure out the weak points of high-resource organisations and hold their data to ransom.



How to Address the Risk of Targeted Ransomware?

Organizations need to stay vigilant and find ways to enhance their data security to prevent or mitigate the possibility of cybercriminals holding their data to ransom. Here are some handy measures for that purpose:


1.     Endpoint Security

Attacks originating from the various endpoints can range from extortion to disruption. Implementing end-point privilege management can help to block any attacks at each endpoint, reduces the risk of losing important data to cyber criminals. It uses a mix of least privilege and application control (blocking or restricting any unauthorised applications). This helps to contain attacks on the organization’s devices, and prevent data from being encrypted, stolen, and held for ransom.


2.     Regular Back-ups

Organizations should constantly back up their critical information and data. Backing up the data offline to external devices can help protect it from getting lost.


3.     Integration of Cloud Technologies

A secure cloud-based infrastructure possesses stronger cybersecurity protocols, making it relatively more difficult to hack and exploit. Also, cloud solution storage offers to restore older versions of the organization's files. This means that an organization can bring back the unencrypted version of the data, which is encrypted for ransomware, using cloud storage.


As with any malware, organizations should use complex and enhanced security solutions to protect their data against targeted ransomware. Businesses should keep backing up their critical data to curb exploitation. Data security is quintessential for an organization and should be regarded as a priority.


In order to address all the risks associated with targetted ransomware, organisations can rely on an efficient solutions provider such as Gajshield. Our intelligent firewall systems and other solutions such as multi-cloud and enterprise cloud security ensure that your data is protected from malicious threats. Kindly contact us to discover our extensive range of data security solutions.




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