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Even though there is increased concern regarding data security, some misconceptions and myths prevail. Organisations must ensure that they don’t regard any misconceptions about cybersecurity to appropriately safeguard their sensitive information against cyber-attacks or threats.




Myths About Cybersecurity


1.     Cyberthreats Don’t Target Small Businesses

Often medium or small businesses might believe that their information is not of any value to cybercriminals and, thus, are saved from any data breaches. But this is not at all true. Cybercriminals might benefit more from hacking into a big corporation; however, they find it easier to hack into smaller businesses as they lack robust cybersecurity. This allows the hacker to extract any information and can force small businesses to shut down.


2.     Antivirus or Anti-Malware is Enough

Companies feel that inserting antivirus or anti-malware software is enough to protect against cyber attacks. Even though having the two software is vital, hackers can find their way through these kinds of software easily. For more comprehensive data security, organisations need to include more complex cybersecurity solutions. They should be able to detect any threats before the hackers infiltrate their systems.


3.     Cyberattacks Can Only be External

Beliefs about threats arising only from external sources are a big misconception. It is reported that insider threat has increased from $11.45 million in 2020 to $15.38 million in 2022, which is a 34% jump. Anyone from contractors and employees to business partners can be responsible for cyberattacks internally. Therefore businesses should be mindful of who has access to the sensitive data and should track how the data is being used. 


4.     Cybersecurity Solutions are Expensive

2021 witnessed the biggest spike in a data breach in 17 years, valued at $4.24 million. This amount generated is barring the cost companies face on the grounds of reputation and customer loss. Therefore making an investment in a robust cybersecurity solution is vital for all organisations if they want to protect themselves from greater expenses incurred from data breaches.


Understanding the myths around cybersecurity is quintessential for organisations of any size and industry. Cybercriminals attack all companies and if the business targeted does not have a robust cyber defence, then those companies will face a downfall.


After quelling these myths, you need a solid and reliable data security infrastructure to protect your systems and data from threats, and Gajshield’s intelligent firewall systems and access management tools, amongst other solutions, can be perfect for you.


Kindly contact us to discover our data security solutions that would optimise your cyber-protection protocols.




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