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Penetration testing, or ethical hacking, involves launching self-created cyber-threats to find all the vulnerabilities within your IT infrastructure. While human testers have been used for this purpose since time immemorial, the advent of AI and machine learning in the process begs the question — will automation take over the process, or will humans continue to carry out pen testing in the future for organisations?




There are several benefits of automated pentesting. Firstly, automation enables you to speed up the process considerably. Additionally, the human error factor is completely eliminated from the process. Most importantly, automation lets you implement penetration testing in a relentless, continuous way. This simplifies and makes threat detection and prevention much more streamlined and guaranteed. If there is one drawback of automated vulnerability scanners and penetration testers, it is the possibility of a large number of false alerts being raised. However, even pointing this problem out seems like nit-picking. After all, AI and machine learning keep improving with time. So, the performance of automated pentesters is bound to improve eventually, making human testers redundant.


The quality of data security tools and applications you use are instrumental in making penetration testing success for your enterprise. GajShield’s penetration testing tools and other data security solutions can optimise this process for you.


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