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Any software or hardware tool connected to the internet or used for communication is forever vulnerable to cyber threats. So, it is no surprise that IoT networks in smart cities or other places are prime targets for cybercriminals. After all, the sensors, cameras and other devices in such networks capture so much user data that can be accessed and exploited.




Fortunately, intelligent firewalls can save the day by protecting such devices from data security threats executed remotely. Such firewalls provide features such as password authentication, behavioural tracking of users in data networks, and encryption. So, embedded firewall tools can protect IoT tools and systems and prevent data security threats with incredible consistency. Intelligent firewall systems employ context-aware technology to allow such systems to optimise their Identity and Access Management (IAM). Moreover, such tools also contain filtering abilities to make endpoint security, a much-needed attribute in IoT security due to a large number of connected endpoint devices, much more optimised.


GajShield’s data security firewalls can eliminate the vulnerability of your IoT network, making its operations smoother. Kindly contact us to know more about our data security firewalls.




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