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Retail websites and portals may face spam bots and other types of bots that can destabilise their web operations. Malicious bots are problematic for several reasons, one of the main ones being that they distort information — through automated spamming on your retail platform’s comment pages, or through malware, phishing, and other kinds of attacks.This incredibly modern problem, then, needs an incredibly modern solution — bot management — a filter that only allows utility bots such as Google’s and LinkedIn’s crawlers and not the spam-causing ones.




One of the approaches to bot management involves the behavioural monitoring of a digital retail network. This involves tools that scan the platform and check whether user behaviour is suspicious and hints towards bot involvement. Alternatively, another approach involves testing users with CAPTCHA-based assessments. Such assessments include human users having to identify specific common things from a series of images, or (for those with vision impairment) to recognise numbers or letters specified in an audio file. As of now, bots cannot complete such tests, which makes them invaluable to verify users before they enter your retail website.


GajShield’s extensive list of data security tools and applications includes solutions for bot management on your eCommerce platform. Kindly contact us to know more about our plethora of data security tools and services.




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