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Incorporating DevSecOps enables you to build software applications in a secured manner. This term stands for implementing a holistic approach to data security right from the beginning to the very end of your software development life cycle. While you implement DevSecOps, certain 'best practices must be adopted to optimise the process.




1)    Implementing threat modelling

Threat modelling involves identifying all the potential vulnerabilities in your IT architecture before (and during) the DevSecOps process. This is a theoretical approach that involves treating network vulnerabilities as distinctive threats similar to malware and phishing. This approach lets you take all the necessary precautions while your developers create code and build your applications. Threat modelling slows down your CI/CD pipeline, but that is a minor trade-off for the security it provides for your DevSecOps implementation.


2)    Pursuing scalable governance

Using the governance-as-code mechanism while developing software applications lets you automate and scale data security during DevSecOps. Automating data security lets you implement multiple security checks at every stage across the software delivery pipeline.


3)    Training developers to carry out secure coding

Developers need to be trained to know and avoid instances in which they create code in an insecure way. This will make your software development process more data security-oriented right from the get-go. Additionally, it will enable your development, security, and operation teams to break out of data silos and make the software development process even more collective in nature.


As one can imagine, identifying threats is not enough by itself. This is where Gajshield enters the fray. GajShield’s data security tools and applications let you detect and address threats at an early stage to make your DevSecOps more assured and secure.


You can contact us to discover our entire range of data security solutions for your business.




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