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SAST (Static Application Security Testing), also known as the white box method of testing, involves the assessment and detection of flaws within the source code to get to the root of software performance issues. This method of vulnerability detection involves verifying whether weaknesses such as SQL injection are present in the IT network of businesses.




DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing), or the black box method of testing, involve testing a software or hardware application for data security issues while it is running. Dynamic testing lets application developers and testers know exactly how a data security attack would hit their application in real-time.

SAST is a proactive data security solution as it is used to find network vulnerabilities in the initial stages of software building. DAST is more reflective in nature, letting developers know about vulnerabilities after an application has been developed. From a cost perspective, SAST is cheaper to carry out, as compared to DAST.

Both these security testing types have their share of positives and negatives. GajShield’s data security tools and services can be used to complement these procedures and keep your business safe from data security threats.

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