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Synthetic fraud involves hackers and other kinds of cybercriminals fabricating the credentials of people on documents or files to dupe individuals or for fraudulent purposes. Generally, perpetrators of synthetic identity fraud may take genuine details from unsuspecting individuals, such as their SSN, Aadhar number, and other kinds of personal and confidential ID details to create a fabricated persona for committing digital fraudulent activities. So, how can law enforcement officials and CISOs in businesses stop this kind of attack?




For one, AI and machine learning offers a viable solution. Machine learning algorithms, especially, can be specifically trained to run through thousands of IDs at any given instance and closely evaluate certain parameters impossible to view by the naked human eye. Once such parameters are studied and analysed, then identifying and nabbing individuals who orchestrate such attacks can be carried out easily. This is something that Gajshield’s context-aware data security tools can guarantee too.

GajShield’s tools and solutions can easily help authorities and CISOs in companies track down synthetic IDs and prevent unwanted data breaches. You can contact us to know more about our data security solutions.




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