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Smart cities will have intelligent connected vehicles and other connected automotive technology for easier data transfer and communication dynamically between vehicles, public bodies, and traffic authorities. Despite the promise of this premise, one can always imagine such vehicles to be vulnerable to instances of remote hacking or other kinds of data security attacks. So, how can this be stopped? One of the most effective solutions to this problem is the use of machine learning and AI to prevent instances of automotive hacking with connected vehicles in smart cities.



Machine learning, first and foremost, is all about pattern recognition after scanning billions of data files. As you know, modern vehicles are essentially motoring data points that contain the tools to generate and analyse data for the vehicle to improve aspects of performance or safety. So, tools with machine learning algorithms can scan this data continuously to find if any possible remote network intruder or hacker is likely to launch a threat towards a given vehicle. Once such a threat vector is detected, public bodies can be alerted and they can handle the situation.

Gajshield’s data security firewall can handle a situation like this with equal adeptness. You can contact us to know more about it and our other data security tools.




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