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A cyber-attack is an attempt to steal, alter or destroy sensitive information through unauthorised access to an organisation’s computer systems. It is an ever-present challenge that every industry with a digital presence faces. Organisations face threats of cyber-attacks daily, and combating it through various methods requires a lot of time and money as the attacks are very complex and can come from any source.

However, the looming threat of this ever-present challenge can only be resolved if companies of the same industries collaborate and share threat intel with one another. They could develop security solutions together and pose an indestructible force against cyber threats.




A collaborative cybersecurity solution will require industries within the same field to share what threats they face and how they mitigate them. For example - a pharmaceutical company is facing a severe threat attack by a cyber criminal, and they can overcome it. This information will benefit the other companies as they can create a plan of action and secure their systems before it even occurs. However, this is far away from reality.


Barriers in the way to Collaborative Cybersecurity

A collaborative security system to evade cyber attacks would create an ecosystem of a unified front against cyber threats and criminals. However, making it a reality will require breaking barriers.


1.      No Incentives    

Companies will choose not to accept a collaborative security model because they won’t have any incentives. Sharing information with other companies about the threats they face will help others but not them. It will provide other companies with the needed information to strengthen their security, but the damage will only affect the organisation that faces it.


2.      Competition

In a world of cut-throat competition, companies worldwide will always search for solutions that will make them the industry leader. In such a scenario, sharing and joining forces against cyber threats is unimaginable. An organisation under attack from a cybercriminal will never disclose how the attack infiltrated their security and how they evaded it.


3.      No leaders

Another barrier faced is that no industry leaders or regulators will enforce a rule or policy regarding allying with the companies in the same field of business to mitigate threats to their security systems. Even if a law is imposed, organisations will try to overrule it.


In the present world, forming collaborative cybersecurity is a challenging feat. No company will be ready to make competitors privy to the knowledge of their cybersecurity risks and give them an advantage. Organisations worldwide will always search for solutions that will give them an upper hand. However, if they want to eradicate or diminish the constant threat of attacks, then collaborating is the solution.


Collaborative cybersecurity is better with high-quality data security tools and resources, a domain in which Gajshield’s years of expertise and applications can help you tremendously. Kindly contact us to know all about our data security solutions.




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