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Businesses in the insurance sector use AI for multiple functions. For example, machine learning and AI-based tools can help such companies with optimising tasks such as commercial underwriting and the detection of fraudulent claims. At the same time, AI adoption always comes with the prospect of threats such as data poisoning that can affect the decision-making capabilities of AI algorithms and their overall functioning.

To deal with data poisoning and manipulation, businesses need to monitor every aspect of the model development process. Firstly, this requires businesses to avoid cutting corners. In other words, they must not entrust ‘normal’ software engineers and technicians with building and testing AI algorithms. Those are tasks that only experienced data scientists and analysts can do. Such professionals will need to perform several checks and validations at every step of the model training cycle.

Additionally, such experts will set high cybersecurity standards and practices that eliminate the possibility of data poisoning or manipulation in the nascent stages of AI implementation for insurance-related operations.

Safeguarding your insurance operations from threats necessitates you to implement a holistic approach to data security. Gajshield’s data security tools for functions such as application filtering and multi-cloud security enable you to implement such an approach seamlessly.

You can get in touch with us to discover our full range of data security solutions for businesses in insurance.


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