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Telecommunication networks represent an oddly soft target for cybercriminals to exploit on a daily basis. Telecom networks contain tons of sensitive data; therefore, you may read several news reports from different countries about private or public-sector telecom companies and users facing cyber-attacks. With every passing year, the data security threats in this sector keep increasing and becoming more diverse. The number of mobile users keeps growing year on year, creating several added opportunities for hackers to access sensitive user data.

To deal with common telco cyber-attacks such as SS7 threats, DDoS and DNS, telecom companies can employ anomaly detection tools to monitor traffic across a given telecom network. Such tools carry out continuous behavioural monitoring of digitised networks and detect security errors and unusual network activity using machine learning-powered pattern recognition. Telecom networks are often vast in size and spread across several regions. To maintain high data security standards in such networks, telecom companies need to have third-party evaluators conduct security audits. The data security audit report created after an evaluation will enable telecom companies and governments to identify weaknesses in their networks and plug them promptly. Telecom users must be informed about cyber-hygiene measures that will protect their devices and data from malicious attacks.

You need to select reliable tools and services to ensure that large telecom networks are always safe from cyber-threats of various kinds. Gajshield’s data security tools and applications can perform behavioural monitoring of telecom networks effectively. You can contact us to discover our full range of products and our data security courses on offer.


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