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The energy sector is no stranger to data security issues. In 2016, for instance, data security attacks on organisations in the energy sector accounted for 20 per cent of the total number of such attacks in the US. Power companies need to explore several measures to avoid such attacks in the present and future.


A systematic approach is needed for businesses to achieve that objective. Firstly, companies must use proactive measures — such as holistically integrating data security into all their critical decisions related to business expansion and operations. To achieve holistic data security, businesses must increase the awareness of their staff and business partners regarding data security. Apart from knowing about data security threats, all stakeholders must also know how to not only take preventive measures to reduce the occurrence possibility of attacks but also employ mitigating or reactive measures if such data security attacks impact the IT infrastructure, critical energy operations and systems.


Finally, energy-based organisations must collaborate with data security service providers to bolster their defence against cyber threats. Gajshield’s data security tools and applications enable your business to keep network threats away from important energy-related operations.


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