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Smart cities and smart homes employ a host of automation tools and technologies for various purposes. Some examples of smart home robots include robotic fitness trainers, smart kitchen robots and companion robots. While robotics enhances the convenience quotient of users’ lives, their hyper-connected nature means that they’re vulnerable to data security threats such as malware attacks.


To counter such threats, the manufacturers of such robots can use the following ideas:

Managing robotic credentials

Home robots or other smart tools in a smart home can communicate with each other. To secure these communication channels, robot manufacturers can create specialised passwords which can be used to enable robots to verify the access rights of other machines. Such passwords can then be stored in super-secure cryptography. This prevents hackers from gaining access to robots through such connected communication channels.

Relying on machine learning for cybersecurity

Through pattern recognition of data, machine learning can be effective against phishing emails and similar other cyber-attacks. AI-based data security uses advanced data analytics to eventually block out all remote threats to home robots.

Gajshield’s data security applications such as intelligent firewall systems and other tools can ensure the cyber-protection of your home robotic applications. You can contact us to know more about our world-class data security products.



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