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Emotet can be described as an advanced trojan that can be initiated in multiple ways by cybercriminals. It is one of the most dangerous cyber threats that can cause data loss in financial institutions’ databases. As stated earlier, such attacks can be carried out via malicious scripts, links, phishing emails, macro-enabled document files, or in a few other ways. The virus has also undergone a few evolutions, with later versions taking the form of a malware distribution service called Malware-as-a-service (MaaS). To save precious financial data from Emotet and similar other threats, the following measures can be taken:

Blocking specific email attachments

Emails containing certain types of file attachments — .exe, .doc, .zip — need to be blocked as they generally carry tenets of Emotet malware. Additionally, employees in banks must be advised to be show cautiousness before clicking on links in work emails. Generally, scam emails carrying the threat of Emotet can be easily differentiated — with errors such as flimsy spelling errors, blatant grammatical errors and incoherent sentence phrasing — from genuinely useful emails. Such emails need to be inspected by the cybersecurity team in banks.

Implementing patch management

Patch management is another necessity to secure financial data against Emotet attacks. Patch management includes updating all the data security applications regularly as soon as new versions are released. This enables individuals and banks to keep their guards up at all times.

Needless to say, data security against threats such as Emotet is not just required for banks and financial institutes but for all kinds of organisations and individuals. Gajshield, your one stop solution for all your data security requirements, can provide you with the technology and services to protect your financial data against data security threats.


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