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Consumerism has made personalised marketing a necessity for nearly all kinds of businesses. For personalising their marketing campaigns, such businesses collect and analyse the data of their target audience from various sources—purchase records, social media data, and a few others. Possessing so much valuable and sensitive data makes the databases of organisations vulnerable to cyber threats such as phishing attacks and malware. Therefore, marketers need to optimise their data security infrastructure. A failure to do so will be detrimental to the survival of such businesses.


To avoid legal trouble


Data is arguably the most valuable resource in today’s day and age. So, the consumer data collected by marketers carries a lot of weight. If such data is breached, manipulated or leaked in the public domain by cybercriminals, marketers will end up with multiple lawsuits against them. These legal cases will be from consumers, business partners and public agencies (for not adhering to data security protocols to protect the sensitive data). To avoid the massive legal losses from all the lawsuits, a loss of reputation and goodwill and a decline in customer revenue, optimising data security must be a priority for marketers.


To make data collection and usage transparent


Laws such as GDPR make it mandatory for businesses to let their customers know why their data is being collected. So, marketers need to focus on cybersecurity improvement of their IT infrastructure to convince customers to hand over their data. Also, marketing and customer relationship management are heavily influenced by how much effort businesses put into making consumer data usage as risk-free as possible. Having a robust data security infrastructure enables businesses to be more transparent with their audience.


Gajshield’s data security tools and applications make it possible for marketers to bolster their data security infrastructure. You can contact us to discover all our top-of-the-line data security solutions.



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