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Educational institutes are generally housed within vast campuses that span large areas. Institutes also may have a common Wi-Fi network or a hotspot for the students, staff and select visitors to use to visit the internet. There are multiple data security challenges that network administrators may face on a daily basis. Such challenges include maintaining a list of temporary user IDs for new visitors every day, and configuring the campus Wi-Fi or hotspot in such a way that the guest users have a positive experience while using the network without making any compromises on its data security.


Using Gajshield’s Secured Guest Management tool allows such administrators to find the perfect balance regarding the same.


Gajshield's secure guest Management system provides guest users who are using campus Wi-Fi or hotspot a limited access time, with an auto-expiry feature preventing any data misuse and enabling admins to effectively manage a large number of users who are connected to the campus network via wired, wireless, or mobile devices. Additionally, through SMS, admins can verify the credentials of guest users.


In other words, Gajshield’s data security-driven guest management tools are ideal for not only large educational campuses but also public places where open internet is available to the masses. You can contact us if you wish to implement this system in your educational campus too.




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