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As per recent reports, approximately 16 billion hospitality business records have been leaked through data breaches since the beginning of 2019. These records included, amongst other sensitive data, guests' card details, phone numbers and home address details. Businesses in hospitality need to secure their operations against cyber threats such as malware and phishing attacks that have become increasingly common in the last few years. More recently, mysterious DarkHotel attacks have been ravaging businesses in the hospitality sector. To deal with such threats, hotels and other hospitality businesses can use the following data security measures or tools:

Facilitating usage of VPN

DarkHotel is a type of cyber threat which involves attackers forcefully accessing guests’ vacation itineraries and travel plans from digital hotel records. The attackers break into the Wi-Fi network of hotels to gain this information before stealing details such as saved card data and social security numbers from the hotel records. The attack may also involve phishing bait that masquerades as software download links in personalized emails. Hotels can prevent DarkHotel attacks by asking their guests to use a Virtual Private Network while carrying out financial and business operations that involve personal data. Additionally, hotel staff members and guests must be wary of malicious emails. They must refrain from clicking any links in emails.

Addressing third-party channel risks

Hotels may employ third-party services to provide catering or concierge amenities to their guests. The digital network or channel through which communications and transactions take place may be vulnerable to external or internal data security threats. Using intelligent firewall systems to counter such threats will make the overall data security infrastructure much more robust.


If you wish to keep your business safe from cyber threats of all kinds, you need to use the most reliable and secure data security applications and systems. Gajshield’s data security firewall systems and other cybersecurity tools can help you meet that objective.


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