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The pharma industry, as we know, is one of the most vulnerable fields when it comes to data security breaches. There are several specific measures that allow pharma companies to defend the sensitive drug-formulation and consumer-related data in their databases. There is a holistic and aggressive philosophy that big pharma can use to proactively detect and prevent cyber-attacks. This philosophy is known as the Extended Threat Detection and Response (XDR) strategy.


XDR consists of proactively tracking down stealthy cyber threats in your data network. This can be achieved with intelligent firewall systems. Intelligent firewalls employ machine learning to continuously scan your data network for anomalous behaviours such as suspicious cyber activities. Once such anomalies are detected, the firewall blocks the user from carrying them out. Cloud security is just as important as traditional cybersecurity in today’s remote working age. Pharma companies that use cloud-based databases and applications can use secure SaaS-based data security services to protect these resources continually.


The main reason pharma companies are opting for XDR is for gaining visibility and control across their data networks and stop nasty threats such as malware, DDoS and social engineering attacks on cloud, endpoint and network levels.


You will need the best data security tools and strategies to implement XDR cybersecurity in your organisation. Choosing Gajshield’s contextually aware data security firewall systems and cybersecurity expertise will be the right choice for you to achieve that objective.


You can contact us to know more about our intelligent data security tools and cybersecurity certification courses.



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