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Like other organizations, real estate businesses also use cloud-based database storage and computational resources to store confidential data and maintain business continuity. Using third-party-provided cloud-based services can be cost-efficient for real estate businesses as they enable them to save thousands generally spent on creating a full-fledged IT infrastructure.


Real estate businesses possess ultra-sensitive data such as information about consumers’ pre-booking apartments in newly-built buildings and property prices. They may also store personal customer data, such as their credit card details, their address and the bank account they’re using to pay for a property, in cloud-based databases. This type of information can be easily manipulated and stolen remotely by cybercriminals. To prevent that, cloud security services must be used.


Businesses may use third-party services such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud to optimize their critical operations and maintain business continuity—a particular requirement in an industry as dynamic as real estate. While such services may be secure to a certain extent, using a customised cloud security infrastructure can make them more secure against malicious threats. Cloud data security tools enable such businesses to scale their operations across public or private cloud settings without worrying about data breaches or other cyber-attacks. Using third-party cloud security services allows businesses to achieve such objectives.


More importantly, cloud-based data security facilitates cyber recovery through efficient data back-ups when customer-related or property-related information is accidentally lost or stolen by cybercriminals. Keeping a backup is necessary as it allows real estate businesses to avoid lawsuits related to insufficient protection of customer or property-related information.


You require the service of seasoned cybersecurity experts when it comes to cloud security. Therefore, choosing Gajshield is the right option for your real estate business operations. Kindly contact us to discover more about our range of cloud security tools and services.




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