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E-commerce and digital retail are as popular as ever, and promise to keep growing. The digitisation of retail makes distances redundant and convenience at an all time high for your consumers. While your business enjoys many benefits of e-commerce too — unlimited regional scope, a greater number of consumers — the retail business is no stranger to cyber-attacks too. News about malware attacks being used by cybercriminals for stealing credit card data of consumers and other similar instances of data security breaches or cyber-attacks are common today in retail.


In addition to this, data security in today’s day and age involves massive amounts of historical data that must be analysed to pre-empt internal and external cyber-threats. Machine learning and AI are necessary to carry out the necessary big data analysis that is vital to protecting your sensitive data.

Intelligent firewalls

Your business can use intelligent firewall systems that employ machine learning to continuously monitor your data networks for behavioural anomalies. Such tools use pattern recognition after scanning thousands of network attacks in the past. Pattern recognition allows them to instantly identify most threats once they strike your network. Additionally, new threats are identified and recorded for future cyber-protection. Once such tools find the anomalies in your network, they coordinate your cybersecurity infrastructure to thwart them.


Like other AI-based data security tools, intelligent firewalls also improve over time.

Bot management tools

Many organisations use bots to boost their SEO and similar other tasks, but bots mainly are a threat to your retail data networks. AI-based bot management solutions differentiate human users from bots by using a few pattern-detection tasks. Keeping bots at bay is a necessary task and AI tools can accomplish that effortlessly.


Gajshield’s data security firewall systems and centralised management systems allow retail businesses to stay in control of their cybersecurity operations. You can contact us to know more about our entire range of products and services.



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