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It is generally believed that cyber-attacks are exclusively used to target companies in the private sector. However, the ones in the public sector can be equally vulnerable to them. Public services cover several sectors such as healthcare, libraries and schools, all of which have several vulnerabilities to cyber threats. Gajshield's intelligent data security firewall plays its part in protecting the devices and data in such public bodies in multiple ways.

User entity behavioural analysis

Gajshield's data security firewall uses machine learning to keep a close watch on the data networks of public service agencies. Pattern recognition is used to study the different behavioural patterns of users while they use shared organisational networks in such agencies. UEBA detects anomalous activities in the data network that may be a sign of a potential data breach or another type of cyber-attack in its early stages. The intelligent firewall autonomously deals with such situations to keep highly confidential citizen records safe and secure in public hospitals and schools, as well as in devices and networks used for welfare distribution purposes.

Contextual data security

Our firewall system uses a contextual intelligence system to secure the IAM in public service networks via a multifaceted system. The firewall ensures that the right user is granted access to data networks of public agencies at the right time and for a justifiable reason.


Apart from these, there are several reasons for using Gajshield's data security firewall system to protect public sector services. You can contact us to know more about all our services.



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