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Despite all the security measures modern banks have to protect their customer data, data security threats are never too far away. Banks stand to lose a lot if they are a victim of a vicious data breach or any other type of cyber-attack — loss of customer data and trust, reputational damage, legal penalties and compliance-related issues. Therefore, banks need to be proactive in safeguarding their digital customer records from internal and external threats. Proactive data security is not just about sourcing expensive cybersecurity tools and applications, but also about the cyber-hygiene practices and overall involvement of all stakeholders for the protection of your digital customer records.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions

These tools are highly valuable to deal with insider threats. DLP software tools do exactly as their name suggests — prevent or, at least, mitigate such threats and protect customer records in bank databases. These tools enable banks to carry out accurate cybersecurity risk evaluation and ensure that cybersecurity compliance regulations are complied with.

Employee testing and training

Social engineering offers hackers the easiest route to break into your IT infrastructure — via your own employees. Cybercriminals exploit your employees' negligence or naivety to cause damage to the devices and databases in your network. To evaluate how well your employee training is working, you could answer a few questions on a periodic basis — Do your workers fail their social engineering tests, which employees’ adherence to cyber-hygiene regulations is satisfactory to you. Based on the answers to such questions, you can advise or incentives to your workers.


Gajshield’s cybersecurity tools and services can complement your proactive cybersecurity measures and policies perfectly. Kindly contact us to discover our entire range of data security tools and applications.



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