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Healthcare requires data protection and cybersecurity tools and measures as much as any other sector. We already know the ways in which hospitals can safeguard their devices and daily operations against the attacks orchestrated by cybercriminals. However, cybersecurity does not have to exclusively involve high-cost solutions all the time. Organisations involved in healthcare can opt for certain low-cost data security solutions — tools, applications, or measures — to prevent breaches, as well as other kinds of cyber threats.

Social media safety training

Social media is an inescapable part of our culture now. So, naturally, most employees in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare centres will have their own online accounts on one or more popular social media platforms. Safety training must be provided to such employees so that they are aware of the data security issues that can stem from social media applications. For example, hackers may be able to know the email ID of an individual from their social media profile. This ID can then be used to break into the person’s work emails or other organisation files and databases. Simple measures, like not sharing login details of one’s social media account with anybody, and selecting a strong password, can reduce the chances of falling prey to such threats.

Virtual Private Network

VPNs are low-cost and highly efficient cybersecurity tools that force internet traffic travelling from or to a device to flow through an encrypted pathway via an intermediary server so that any external, unauthorised entity is unable to intercept and access the data present in it. Any such entity would be unable to track your organisation’s digital communication or other online activities without proper authorisation. In a field as privacy-oriented as healthcare, a VPN can be an invaluable tool. Most importantly, VPNs are reasonably priced to buy and run.

Healthcare bodies can also use the professional services and reasonably priced data security products of Gajshield for the purpose. You can contact us to know more about our cybersecurity training and certification programs, as well as our data security firewall systems and cloud-based endpoint tools for your data networks.




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