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Double-encrypted ransomware represents one of the most dangerous data security threats used lately by cyber-attackers to impact large organisations. These network threats are a result of two different ransomware groups attacking a common target simultaneously. Hackers use multiple strains of ransomware to create a dual-layer of encryption. Like other ransomware attacks, hackers intend to make money off their victims via data breach threats and ransom notes. However, double-encrypted ransomware goes one step further to compound its victims’ misery by only allowing them to know about the second layer of encryption once the first ransom amount has been paid. So, how can you protect your networks from this threat?

Here are a few solutions:

Encrypting your data

Ensuring the encryption of your data prevents hackers from gaining any stored information from your organisation’s databases. So, in effect, the dual levels of such a threat are weakened, and a double-encrypted ransomware is converted into a basic one. Also, encryption prevents hackers from releasing or selling private and confidential data belonging to your organisation. Several software tools and systems are capable of dealing with regular ransomware.


Backing up databases periodically

During a ransomware attack, the main strategy of hackers is to threaten data owners with stealing or damaging their valuable information. On the basis of such threats, ransom amounts are demanded and paid. However, backing up the data in a separate cloud facility or offline database can take away this power from the hands of the hackers. If the data is backed up, the owner would not have any reason to pay massive ransom amounts to the hackers.

Apart from these measures, you could opt to avail the services of the cybersecurity experts at Gajshield too. Our high-quality anti-ransomware tools will help optimise the data security infrastructure of your organisational networks. Please contact us to discover our entire line-up of data security products and services.




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