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Selective scamming is defined as the ambiguous process in which certain online buyers of goods receive their purchases, but some others do not get theirs despite making their payments. As a result, money is taken off such individuals in exchange for nothing. Moreover, victims of these actions will be unable to get to the root of the problem. Such scams are generally seen during the purchase of large orders. So, despite paying money, such individuals do not get their goods (or they receive goods of poor quality). This cyber-attack is generally seen on the dark web, where shady customers purchase illegal things such as weapons and banned drugs from equally shady vendors. However, we can assume that the likelihood of such attacks crossing over to mainstream retail websites could also be quite high.

The ways to deal with selective scamming and other payment-related scams similar are:


Maintaining purchase receipts

Selective scamming can be avoided by paying a little attention to minute details. One such detail is the receipt of payment for every purchase you make. Keeping receipts can be handy to prove that payments have been made in advance. If push comes to shove after a selective scamming attack, and matters end up in a court of law, those payment records can be used for legal purposes.


Deploy data security tools

Modern data security tools can be used to verify whether a website is shady or not based on its traffic history. Website blockers and intelligent firewalls can be used to prevent users from entering such websites. As a result, users can prevent getting pickpocketed remotely by scammers on the other side of the world.

Internet users should avoid going to the dark web, even out of curiosity. Selective scamming and other problems are heavily prevalent in that space. Using these above measures, you can prevent yourself from getting selectively scammed outside of the dark web.

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