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As we know, organisations have to constantly upgrade their data security infrastructure to keep network threats at bay. In order to do so, understanding the various types of cyber-attacks that are commonly used by corporate hackers promises to be a decent start. Businesses can get a few steps ahead of the bad guys just by knowing some of the more frequent types of network threats. So, here are four common cyber-attack types that your organisation may face (or may have faced already):


Man-in-the-middle attacks

Man-in-the middle attacks are sneaky cyber-attacks that involve hackers snooping on your data while it is being transmitted through the communication channel between the sender and receiver of a file. Such attacks can be prevented by using network firewalls to block them out from the data networks altogether.



These are the types of malware through which hackers extort money or information from their poor online victims. The biggest targets of this kind of cyber-attacks are financial institution, schools and colleges as well as municipal corporations. Basically, wherever hackers have the chance to make money. These threats can be dealt with by deploying anti-virus software and updating it regularly.



Despite its well-known nature, people still fall for phishing traps on the internet. Hackers generally send misleading details to their victims through bogus emails. Links or other details on the emails can result in data breaches on the end of the victims. To prevent this, email protection can be deployed in organisations.


Brute force attacks

Perhaps the most energy-consuming cyber-attack for hackers. This involves cyber-attackers trying to guess the login-password of users within an organisation by trying out all the permutations and combinations. To safeguard against this, organisations can use context-aware IAM systems.

We can enhance the cybersecurity infrastructure of your organisation by protecting your data network from these, and several other, types of threats. Please contact us to know more about our data security products and services.




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