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An endpoint refers to all the devices connected to a data network. From an organisation’s point of view, endpoints are all the devices that, at any given point of time, use the organisational resources from its network and its virtual databases. During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the concept of employees working from home has been implemented in nearly every organisation. But, while the work operations continue unabated, remote users and their devices are no longer on the organisational premises to receive data protection from its cybersecurity infrastructure. So the need for providing endpoint security gets amplified in the existing scenario.


There are several organisations that work in the BYOD (bring your own device) way for their employees to carry out company operations on their personal devices. Apart from that, cyber threats may be moving away from network threats and towards being endpoint-related issues. Accordingly, an employee's device is treated as an endpoint. So, how is endpoint security ensured for remote workers? Here's how:


Using simple measures


Basic cybersecurity measures, such as using advanced multi-factor authentication systems, anti-virus software to protect a collection of devices instead of just one device, the deletion of unnecessary cache and cookies, as well as user and employee data from time to time to secure confidential data and prevent unnecessary clutter.


The software and hardware in place to ensure cyber-protection must be authentic, certified for use and updated regularly.


Simple measures and using data security tools and systems that are designed for remotely connected devices can come in handy to ensure endpoint data security for users. Gajashield’s data security products and services can help with proactive endpoint data protection for your devices. Please contact us to learn more about how our experts deal with endpoint security-related issues in organisations.



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