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Security Operations Centers (SOCs) are modern cybersecurity solutions for real-time data and network protection of organisations. SOCs operate in a facility outside an organisation to provide their service to them. SOCs contain a team of data analysts, engineers, and other cybersecurity professionals to detect, evaluate, and respond to digital threats in organisational data networks. Experienced managers in SOCs oversee the daily cybersecurity services provided to their clients. SOCs work in conjunction with an organisation's in-house data experts to efficiently handle data security issues.


Organisations that opt for SOCs usually do so because they are short on cybersecurity personnel or have massive data flow within their data networks. SOCs are then involved in the mix, and they immediately ramp up the management of data operations while also running analytics continuously to form a round-the-clock protective cloak for your databases and digital operations. The data security extends to the endpoints as well as installed applications. SOCs offer cybersecurity features such as threat detection and responses, SIEM-to-security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) integration, and compliance analysis and reporting. The provision of all these features means that organisations can carry on with their operations without several data security experts on board.


SOCs use advanced machine learning and AI tools to step up their data security efforts when the volume of data and operations in big organisations increase with time. Modern SOCs can be extremely resourceful for organisations and make incredible business sense for them in the long run.


Gajshield’s data security products and services can take the cyber protection aspects of your organisation to the next level. Please contact us to know more about all our products and services.




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