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5th December 2018   Since 2002

Most of us would have seen the movie, Mr. India during our childhood. If not, do watch the movie. It is one of India’s first well directed science fiction movie. In short, the story is about Mogambo who wants to conquer India. He is looking for a secret formula using which an invidiual can become invisible. Fortunately for us Indians, the secret formula lands with Aruna Verma (Anil Kapoor), the hero of this movie and he saves us from Mogambo. What would have happened, if Mogambo would have got access to the secret formula of invisibility? He would have destroyed us as how would our arm forces or police machinary fought an invisible enemy. An iconic movie and very relevant for the security industry.

Unlike Mr. India, in cyber security, Mogambo has always had the secret formula of invisibility. Not only he, but his attacks too are invisible to us. They breach our network and data, easily without us even being aware of it. Existing firewalls are fighting an invisible enemy without having the tools to idenitfy these threats and defend against them. Like Mr. India, we need a red glass through which we can see these threats. A tool, which will help in providing visibility and bring context to the data that is flowing through our network, enhancing our capibility to identify external and internal threats.

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Security going too far


Quora Announces Data Breach Affecting 100 Mn Users Globally: 20.7% visitors are from India 

US-based question and answer platform Quora announced that personal data of almost 100 Mn Quora users was breached with a “malicious” third party gaining unauthorised access to one of the company’s systems. 

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Bug in new app, HDFC bank returns to old 

HDFC Bank on Monday said it is restoring its old mobile banking on IOS and Google Play after its new app crashed and was not available for more than a week. HDFC Bank clarified there has been no data breach, loss of customer data or security issues with the mobile application. 

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SEBI releases cyber security framework for brokers, depositories

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) on Monday came out with a cyber security framework for stock brokers and depositories. The guidelines would come into force on April 1, 2019, SEBI said in a circular. "As part of the operational risk management framework to manage risk to systems, networks and databases from cyber attacks and threats, stock brokers/depository participants should formulate a comprehensive cyber security and cyber resilience policy document encompassing the framework," the circular said.

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